YOU know your business – and you can write. So when it comes to getting down content for your blog/website/products & promos you can handle it yourself, right?

There’s actually no easy answer here. We’re not going to shout “wrong” and launch into a service pitch (honest) – but there are many far-reaching and very real benefits to outsourcing your content to a pro.

Here we outline our top 5 benefits of hiring a copywriter – then it’s over to you to decide what works best for your business needs.

1: Clarity & perspective

Up first because this one is a biggie. From inside a business, it can be really difficult to retain a sense of perspective. You get caught up in the past, or in your great ideas for the future and today’s message gets muddled. An outsider’s perspective can be gold dust. And key to any good copywriter’s skill-set is the ability to quickly absorb every inch of your business and see how to convey what is key (and what isn’t) with clarity. This is easy when you’re outside looking in. A copywriter won’t be clouded by irrelevant information – and neither will your audience.

2: Professionalism

Let’s take a website as an example here. You invest in a well-designed site because it has to look spot-on. But your content has to be spot-on too. It needs (most importantly of all) to convey that clarity outlined above and that’s where a professional pen can bring real bang for buck. How often have you seen a beautiful website undone by poor copy that is confused and (gasp) typo-ridden? Effective design is great way to build brand, trust and reputation. But poor content planning and inarticulate copy can quickly undo all of it.

3: Copy to deadline

Maybe you’re confident in your ability to get a good job done – but do you have the time and the inspiration? We’ve seen many projects stall simply because the person tasked with getting the copy together is stuck for inspiration or time (or both). Copywriters and content planners are great for getting stuff done. You won’t be bottom of our to-do list. So, if you’re lovely new website is being delayed because you or your team don’t have the spare capacity to plough through the page copy, it is time to outsource. If you started a blog that then trailed off, why not outsource? If your new marketing materials are no closer to actually materialising, outsource!

4: Clear project lead

Too many pens can spoil the copy. We’ve seen so many businesses struggle to produce content because everyone has different ideas. Outsourcing to an expert really helps to ease inter-departmental arguments.  Of course, we take all views on board – but we use them to agree a template, style and tone for content, led by our outside expertise. And then we get on with it.

5: Your time back

Writing great content comes naturally to us – it’s what we do day in and day out. If it isn’t your day job, it’s very time-consuming – that lingering task you know you need to prioritise, but never quite do because you’ve got a hundred other things to do first. Hire a copywriter, cross it off your list – and get your time back.

* We’re happy to chat further and offer a free consult for anyone considering our copywriting services. (You know it makes sense…)