WHEN IT comes to social media marketing, knowing what to post is only half the battle.

Knowing when to post is critical.

So, what are the best times to share content on social media?

The short answer: when your audience is online.

Of course, that can really vary dependent on your business, customers and followers – and you should always experiment to see when your posts get the most engagement.

But the following industry research can be really helpful as a starting guide:


For maximum exposure, the best time to post on your Facebook business page during the week is between 1-4pm. Thursdays and Fridays get the most engagement during the week. Lunchtimes are particularly good to target – because many Facebook users browse on their desktops during downtime. Facebook activity actually peaks over the weekend – with 3pm on a Sunday being the single best time to post.


The best time to send your tweets is during the working week lunch hour. Peak time is between 12-2pm, with Wednesdays coming out on top. The worst time to post on Twitter is over the weekend.


If you’re marketing on Instagram, the best time to post in the week is during commuter time (7am – 9am) during lunch (11am – 2pm) or between 7pm – 9pm after work. Because Insta is usually accessed via mobiles, people tend to log-in out of work hours. Saturday is peak day for Instagrammers – and the best time is 5pm.

Linked In:

Linked-in is the professional social network and is often used during work hours. Peak times to post are 10am-12pm on Tuesday – Thursday. Posts between 8am-9am and 5pm-6pm during the week work well too. Weekend posts get the least activity.

There you have it – experiment and analyse!

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