CHILDREN across Coventry have been sent a new book to sink their teeth into – teaching them about the importance of healthy eating.

The book has been produced by the Bhandal Dental Practice – with hundreds of free copies sent to playgroups, nurseries and primary schools across the city.

‘Trixy Dog – for the love of treats’ was commissioned by the practice, which has six surgeries across Coventry, to teach youngsters how healthy eating leads to healthy teeth.

The story, written by Angela Homer and illustrated by Giles Maclean, follows Trixy Dog – a little pup from Coventry who loves treats.

But when she visits the dentist and sees Dr Bhandal, she learns that all of the sugary food she has been eating has led to early tooth decay.

“I talk to Trixy about how sugar in food and drink reacts with plaque to form acids which then attack the teeth and lead to decay – and teach her that it isn’t just sweets and fizzy drinks that are harmful but sugars found in processed foods too,” Dr Amrik Bhandal, who heads up the practice, said.

“And that’s very much the message we want our book to send out to children across Coventry – educating them in a way they can understand and making sure their parents are armed with the facts too.”

The book isn’t the first commissioned by the Bhandal Dental Practice. It follows on from the huge success that was ‘Ralphy Rabbit and the Aching Tooth’ – released last year in a bid to combat children’s phobias of the dentist.

It was so successful, Ralphy pops up in the new book too – and the surgery’s stickers now feature both Ralphy and Trixy, given as rewards to young patients.

“Looking after your teeth and seeing the dentist regularly is so important from an early age and that’s where the inspiration for commissioning these books came from,” Dr Bhandal added.

“Of course we’re not saying children should never eat ice cream or enjoy a treat – but it’s about moderation and about knowing the all too common ‘hidden’ sugars to avoid. If we pass that message to even a few children, it is well worth it.”

Copies of ‘Trixy Dog, for the love of treats’ are available at all of the six practices across Coventry, or you can download the story online:

The nursing team from the practice are also busy visiting schools and nurseries with the book to help promote good oral care.