STRATFORD Town Trust is launching a major community survey – inviting everyone to take part and have a say on the future of the town, the Trust and the support it provides.

Input on potential projects, unmet need and the direction the Trust’s grant-giving takes, is being sought from the right across the community.

The information gathered will then be used by the Town Trust as its formulates a new Community Strategy, shaping its future.

The survey – which launches on Thursday February 23rd and runs until Friday March 24th – is open to everyone; you do not need to be a member of the Town Trust to take part.

Chief Executive Justin Williams says: “Each year Stratford Town Trust provides around £2 million in support for the community through its grants and activities. Since it formed in 2001, more than £25 million has been distributed.

“We want to ensure those grants are serving the people of Stratford in the best possible way, so we are asking the community to help us form a new strategy and directly influence our giving and the direction it takes.

“We want people to come forward with ideas – on projects we could fund, on whether we should focus some of our giving on a particular area or theme, be that better mental health services, new facilities for youngsters, more help for those facing poverty, or anything else the community suggests.

“Our message is very much this is your town, so take the chance to have your say and let’s see how we can work together to make it better.”

The survey – which can be completed online – also asks how much people know about the Town Trust and its giving, and for feedback on the grants process from anyone who has applied.

But the Town Trust is stressing you do not need to be a member to take part, or to have any prior knowledge of, or dealings with, the Town Trust.

“To form the best strategy we need as much input from all corners of the community as possible,” Justin added.

“The survey is simple and quick to complete – and your response really will be valued. Think big – there’s even a question asking whether we should look to repeat our £1million CommYOUnity Challenge – but awarding the £1million to facilitate one single project.”

To take part in the survey go to:

Once the survey has closed, the Town Trust will facilitate Focus Groups in the community to gather further input.

To put your name forward, leave your details when prompted by the survey, or contact the Town Trust for more information.

The Community Strategy will then be announced in the Summer, once agreed by the Board of Trustees.

For a paper copy of the survey, or for more help, please call 01789 207111.