EVERY house hunter enters the market with a priority list of what they want and what they don’t – but how often do they stick to it?

We take a look at what’s currently top of the wish list with the experts from Situ Homes, the online portal bringing the region’s leading estate agents together to act as the voice of the Midland market.

And learn why an experienced local agent can very often find you the dream home you never knew you wanted!

First things first, what are the top ten things the average house hunter prioritises in today’s market?

  1. Proximity to work
  2. School catchment area
  3. Good Broadband and mobile phone signal
  4. Access to public transport
  5. Investment/improvement potential and future-proofing
  6. More space
  7. Outside space
  8. Garage and off-road parking
  9. Proximity to local amenities – (shops, restaurants, parks, pubs)
  10. Proximity to friends and family

“Some of these ‘must-haves’ are non-negotiable – like school catchment, commute and the 21st century essentials of broadband and mobile signal,” John Ozwell, a Director of Situ Homes and Chairman of leading local agent Hunters explains.

“But many of them, while great to have on a start list, can be bumped down or even off the list when buyers walk into a property and fall in love with it, even the proximity to friends and family.

“The ‘right’ house is very often entirely different to the original wish list.”

And that’s where the benefits of an experienced local agent with that all-important local knowledge really come into play.

They know the area, they know what’s available, and they will work with you to explore all avenues – even those you’ve perhaps never walked down.

“A good local agent will get to know you and what you really want, and if you’re viewing properties which seemingly tick all the boxes but still aren’t a good fit, we can show you some alternatives that just might be right,” Mr Ozwell adds.

“For example, buyers often insist on having a garage but then can fall in love with a house without one.

“Compromises happen when your house hunting – people get taken in by kerb appeal, an AGA in the kitchen, a countryside view, the charm of an old property – or the simplicity of a new-build.

“It’s often very small features that make the difference; that elusive ‘feeling’ we love to find.”

Together, the Situ partners have 29 offices across Warwickshire, Worcestershire, Staffordshire, the West Midlands and the Cotswolds. They head up five of the leading Midland estate agents – and have a combined 130 years of industry experience. www.situhomes.com