WE all know that investing in a new bathroom or kitchen or refreshing the outward appearance of your home are good ways to add value and clinch a sale.

But did you know there’s one other change to consider – one that costs very little and might be simpler than you think?

It’s giving your home a name.

Research shows that buyers pay more for houses with a name and not just a number – and picking the right name could help you sell.

Situ Homes is an online property portal for the Midlands – bringing the area’s leading estate agents together to act as the voice of the regional market.

John Payne is Chairman of Situ and Director of leading local agent John Payne Associates.

He explains: “It may sound trivial but house names do matter – the right one makes your property more saleable and the wrong one could hinder a deal.

“We all want individuality and names are all about associations – buyers conjuring up a perspective of what your property will be like (and what their life would be like living in it) before they even walk through the door.

“Of course, it has to be appropriate – naming your mid-terrace ‘The Manor House’ or your new-build ‘The Cottage’ could only result in disappointment.”

Research shows that not only do houses with names sell for more, but houses with the more popular names sell quicker.

And it’s all about plants and nature according to Royal Mail, which has compiled this list of the top 10 most popular house names in the UK:

1 – Orchard

2 – Meadow

3 – Rose Cottage

4 – Holly

5 – Oak

6 – Willow

7 – School House

8 – The Willows

9 – Sunnyside

10 – Springfield

Changing the name of your home costs very little but does require a fair bit of paperwork – the usual process is to contact the department of your local council responsible for street naming and numbering, who will check whether the name you want is already in use locally. The council will contact Royal Mail for their approval.

You’ll then need to register the change with the Land Registry, your utility providers, mortgage lender and so on, and check that your local council tax department and the electoral roll have been updated.

But it might just be worth it.

Together, the partners of Situ Homes have 29 offices across Warwickshire, Worcestershire, Staffordshire, Birmingham City Centre, the West Midlands and the Cotswolds. The Directors head up five of the leading estate agents in the region, with a combined 130 years of experience in the property market.