STRATFORD’S In2Theatre will be bringing medieval mystery plays back to the Guild Chapel with a very special performance of ‘The Nativity’ in December.

The script will be entirely new but based on the original Mystery plays that were performed in Stratford in the time of Shakespeare and when the Guild Chapel was central to medieval life.

It has been written by Tony Peters, Artistic Director of In2Theatre – the Stratford company of adults with learning disabilities who amaze audiences with their skilled and enthusiastic performances.

The production will combine comedy, songs and carols, drawing particularly on the local Coventry Mystery Cycle and the centre piece of the Nativity play will be the renowned Coventry Carol.

“We know that The Mystery Plays were performed in Stratford in the time of Shakespeare,” Mr Peters said.

“These plays influenced Shakespeare and he may even have performed in them himself.

“Our production will be bold, vibrant and strong, aiming to make the material modern and relevant.”

Medieval Mystery Plays, which were performed in England for two hundred years until about 1576, told in dramatic form the story of the world from its creation to the day of doom – Judgement Day. The Bible was the main source but much original material found its way in to the plays, this included apocryphal legend, folk lore and contemporary social, political and religious influences are reflected in a drama that keeping its main structure changed some of its emphases over the long period of its performance.

In2Theatre are also preparing to stage the stories of the Creation and the Passion, culminating in a production at the Bear Pit Theatre in the summer of 2019. Some scenes from the production are dramatisations of scenes depicted on the wall paintings within the Guild Chapel – including the Dance of Death.

The Nativity will play at the Guild Chapel on Thursday 6th December at 7.30pm.

Tickets cost £10 and can be booked via Stratford Play House – in person at the box office (14 Rother Street, Stratford), on 01789 333990 or online via this link – BOOK HERE