NEW year – new goals (they just go hand-in-hand).

For most businesses, the chime of those New Year bells is a time to re-stock, re-focus and re-strategise.

When it comes to PR, now is the time to set objectives and formulate a clear, defined plan to maximise your media activity for the year ahead.

To help you on your merry way, we bring you our top tips for getting started on your New Year PR:

  1. Consider the full year ahead, plan for six months and review after three. PR requires flexibility and a recognition that things will change over time. But that should never stop the planning.
  2. Review last year’s PR. This is so important (but all too often forgotten). If you already have PR in place, spend some time assessing the media activity that worked, and the media activity that didn’t pack the same punch.
  3. Establish a news release calendar. Plan out the press releases you intend to issue throughout the year. You will need to revise this calendar as the weeks and months pass (probably lots of times in fact) but it will give you structure and focus. Timely stories can work (think seasons, holidays and big events) – but make sure they’re newsworthy.
  4. Send great copy. Well-planned, well-written stories, which are newsworthy and perfectly packaged will get you attention. Blatant attempts at ‘free advertising’ will get you binned. (This is where you really need the skills and wisdom of a good PR).
  5. Send great copy to the right person. Because generic email addresses just won’t do. Find out who you need to pitch to and start building a rapport. Go old school and pick up the phone. Time should be spent building a solid database of media contacts – trust us, you will reap the rewards later.


* What makes a story newsworthy? Read our dos and dont’s of media coverage

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