Evolving PR


Directors Clare Fitzsimmons and Chris Willmott have spent a decade providing top-class PR, Marketing, Copywriting, Media Consultancy, Web Content Creation and Social Media Management to clients.


The husband and wife team are both former newspaper editors, with nearly 40 years’ industry experience.


Stand-out copy remains the cornerstone of Park Lane PR’s success and the services it provides.


But the world of PR and Marketing has changed so much – and Park Lane PR has evolved with it:


“Gaining and maintaining a strong media presence remains at the heart of what we do – and we have an established track record of local, national and international press and trade coverage, crisis management and media consultancy.


“But the world of PR is so much more than just press releases, especially as consumers interact directly with firms online.


“It’s all about content – a great website with well-written copy, great images and infographics, a social media post with a clear and concise (and preferably interesting!) point, a LinkedIn mail pitched perfectly to secure new business.


“Here at Park Lane PR we are specialists in ensuring your message is heard exactly how you want it to be heard and by who you want to hear it.


“And we’re here to help you every step of the way thanks to our collaboration with some of the regions top designers, photographers and website creators.”






Happy clients

Thank you for all the excellent publicity you have provided over the last year. The Lions Clubs and the raft race never had so much press before and it has helped raise our profile in the community, which has been something we have been trying to do for years without too much success.

Kelvin McIntosh

Lions Raft Race